Genesis of the artistic work of Rosa Maria


Rosa Maria  working  – 30/06/07

Since when at school, Rosa Maria used to appreciate the work of Antonio Parreiras, the famous painter from Niterói, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil, attending to the lessons of his son, and teacher of drawing, Dakir Parreiras.

One day, in October, 2005, Rosa Maria decided  to try to picture some aspects of nature, painting canvasses.

She looked for detailed instructions on the necessary material and technics, beginning with a special paper and pencil, and then acrylic ink and finally, oil on canvas. 

This work, that began in 2005, continued and became more intense, assuming a special feature in 2006, similar to that of some european impressionist artists!

From then, the works have multiplied reaching the number of  63 canvasses (oil on canvas) and  24 drawings oil on paper.

On October 15 to 19,  2007, Rosa Maria presented an Exposition with 40 canvasses (oil on canvas) at the Mercado Velho of Diamantina MG, with the support of the  Prefeitura Municipal through the Secretaria de Cultura, Turismo e Patrimônio.

Rosa Maria works with joy and dedication. The paintings are encreasing in number, always in the same Impressionist style.

Her objective is to contribute to make the work of renewed Impressionist masters even more appreciated by an increasing number os people, who will have the chance to see in their homes or work, wonderful paintings, in this style that the world never forgets!